BEWARE–Counterfeit money circulating in Bowling Green

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Below is a memo forwarded to me for posting which outlines the issue of someone who is unaware passing counterfeit currency.  Totally unaware of the fact that it was a counterfeit bill – How would someone tell?  People don’t normally carry markers to check for bad bills in their pockets!  They were having a yard sale and was taken advantage of both monetarily with the counterfeit bill and as well lost a set of tires which they “sold” to this person.  The person responsible for the counterfeit is the person who prints it and KNOWINGLY passes it. 

They have both been advised to claim “no mens rea” when they go to Court in November.  It will remain to be seen how this turns out.

In the meantime, be aware that this can happen to anyone!  Be careful who you accept cash from and maybe we all should buy a counterfeit banknote detection pen, to carry in our pockets at all time, because this is what it has come down to! 

The paragraphs below come from Gordon Joseph and Mary Thomas Spears, who are the ones suffering this incident.  I’m sure others have as well. 


Mary Thomas-Spears Joseph and myself, just got out of the Warren County Regional Jail were we spent the last two nights.

They arrested both of us for supposedly trying to pass a Counterfeit or Forged Instrument.


A Blonde Headed Man in his 30’s, looks and acts younger. I tried to guess his age. He told me mid 30’s. That might also be a lie. He made a couple of trips before returning with his much older girlfriend to make a big purchase. Feeling us out I guess! They came to our yard sale at about sun set, bought a set of car tires and some motor cycle parts. Paid us with 100$ Cash.

My wife noticed the bill looked like it had been in the washer and said, that money looks like it’s been washed. He said, my boss just gave it to me. She looked at it once more and stuck it in her pocket. She has open angle glaucoma and is going blind so she thought no more of it until after we were Arrested for trying to break it for change to pay a friend we owed!

Our friend who we tried to pay didn’t have change and it was after 10pm so he suggested we go to EZ Money Liquor Store and buy something. I thought I could get change without a purchase because we already had cigarettes and we don’t drink but the guy behind the counter said we had to purchase something so I asked for a lemon aid. ..

At which point I go to pay to get change and dude accuses me of trying to pass Counterfeit money and tells me I can leave before he calls the Police…At which point, I want him to show my wife and explain it to her because we were also robbed of 100$ in car tires and motorcycle parts.

I also told him, if I were the slightest bit guilty I might have left. He keeps accusing us of trying to get one over on him while talking to police.

Police then arrest both my wife and I after refusing to call our eye witnesses or let me call the dude who passed us the bill who had been texting us for days about items. Even after reading the text he had sent us.

They really could care less about doing their jobs or investigating anything (We were informed that’s done by their detectives at some point) Right?

We were the ones robbed by the guy that bought 100$ worth of stuff at our yard sale and passed us a fake bill. How was we supposed to know it was fake? It was after dark and was a pretty damn good fake. See image above…

That the man accusing us let us take?

If he really believed we were trying to get one over on him, why let us take this image? Of course he didn’t want his face advertised as the jerk who then lied to Police. Telling Police that we both tried to pass it.

Anyway, my wife the Marijuana Activist is one of the main reasons Marijuana is a minor offense in Kentucky today, and she was carrying about 6 grams of her medical cannabis when they searched her and her truck.   There were some “roaches” which contained White Sage (a Native American Remedy) for her Lungs.

The result was, they = Police kept calling it synthetic marijuana. When it is not at all!

Doesn’t matter! They charged her with Possession of Synthetic Marijuana and Marijuana and possession or trying to pass a Forged Instrument.

She wasn’t even in the store when I tried to buy the lemon aid or get change.

My wife who suffers from a very rare nervous system disease called SMS or Stiff Mans Syndrome then was incarcerated without her medication, which they had confiscated and had charged her with, was then placed in a detox cell to be detoxed for pot!
Which is not toxic and can’t intoxicated, so you can’t detox!

THEY DID HOWEVER DENY A MARIJUANA PATIENT her much needed Medication. That was documented in that jail where she has nearly died more than once from the severe abuse and extreme medical neglect she has suffered at the hands of the Officials who run or work at that Facility.

The result was, between the medical neglect of her non stop vomiting, wetting and defecating herself for most of the past 3 days,  not being able to eat or maintain what she could eat, combined with the cold of the detox cell and the stress of being accused of a Crime one didn’t commit combined with her severe PTSD and memories or flashbacks from previous incarceration’s in which she has been beaten, tortured and raped by employees of that facility who were once again making torturous threats and again neglecting her medically, she was and is very ill.

We finally got our day in Court after she/we was denied yesterday because she couldn’t stop vomiting.

Our rights were denied the entire time and we never received our one phone call.

We were released today on our own recognizances and we both have Court dates for November.  We have been charged with a Felony.  Which is a violation of my current Probation.

Please pray and share for support!

The more people watching this case the better our Justice System works when they know they are being watched!

Any advocates out there who want to write the Courts should address any info or letters of recommendations to Judge Sam Potter of Warren County Justice Center, (address to be added or you can Google) Bowling Green, KY. 42101

Advocates who want to educate the Jailer or their Medical Staff should contact 901 Kentucky St. Bowling Green, KY. 42101
(Jailers name to be added)

Thank you! For all you do to make sure real Justice is done in this Case.


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