Are you a current or former KY Law Enforcement Officer?

Are you a current or former KY Law Enforcement Officer?
Now is the time to get active. We have a real chance of passing HB166 medical cannabis for KY patients, but KY law enforcement is standing in the way.
The KY Association of Police Chiefs has come out publicly in opposition of HB166. As you can imagine they hold a lot of clout in KY’s law making process.
They’ve come out against medical cannabis not because fear of drug abuse as they state, but fear of funding cuts & job loss. They’d rather continue arresting the sick & dying than think about potentially loosing funding. If they were really wanting to curb drug use law enforcement should take a serious look at cannabis as states allowing its use have seen an 11% reduction in opioid prescriptions, and a near 25% reduction in overdoses. What other program has had results anywhere near that?
Have they no idea that 29 other states have medical cannabis? Do they really think they’ve lost the funding? In all reality no state has lost federal funding to eradicate marijuana after passing laws opposing marijuana prohibition. 

It’s time we stop arresting KY’s most vulnerable patients for consuming or possessing a plant made by the creator.

Are you former or current law enforcement in KY?
(if you know KY law enforcement officers please share with them)
Jim Pendergraff
Executive Director
368 Amon Lisanby Spur Road
Dawson Springs, Ky 42408


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