Hello! We’re Kentuckians, and we’ve made it fun to see every square mile of the Commonwealth.




We’re Kentuckians, and we’ve made it fun to see every square mile of the Commonwealth.

We have an entire state worth seeing and loving, from Stopover in Pike County all the way to Madrid Bend in Fulton County.

And every “Map Dot” in between.

We hope you can join us on this journey by liking our Facebook page. Every day, a new picture will find its way there.

We’re Kentucky. And so glad to have you along for the ride!

-Cory, Travis, Telia, and Kellie

About Cory:

Cory has been a fixture of Radio and TV in Kentucky for the past 15 years. He was the Creator and Host of NASCAR Race Wrap on WBGN Radio in 2001, and has also worked on-air at the Beaver FM, WUHU 107, and Froggy 103. Winner, William Randolph Hearst National Journalism Award, 2002. From 2009 to 2014 he was a travel contributor to WBKO-TV’s Midday Live, and also contributed to several radio stations in central Kentucky. Cory has been featured on KET, the front cover of Kentucky Living Magazine, in the Bowling Green Daily News, and nationally featured with an AP story in September, 2013. Currently a columnist for newspapers in western Kentucky, and also for STORY Magazine. He has been to every single county in Kentucky multiple times, and over 250 hiking trips. Nominated, Best Radio Personality in Bowling Green, 2014.



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