Glasgow Community Creates Plan of Action Against Gas Gouging

GLASGOW, Ky (WBKO) Nearly fifty people gathered at the Fine Arts Bistro in Glasgow, after a Facebook group was created to pin point gas gouging in the community.

The group argues that Glasgow’s gas prices are nearly forty cents higher than prices in Bowling Green. Group members say this is taking away from their city’s economic growth and hurting small businesses.

To date, the group has received nearly 1,000 signatures to boycott buying Glasgow gasoline while the prices are so high.

One group member says Kentucky Attorney General, Jack Conway has already been notified.

“I actually emailed him and got like a form letter back. It said, it’s free enterprise, it’s not gas gouging. But, everyone else knows it’s gas gouging. So, we might have to get the Federal Trade Commission involved,” said Belinda England, group member.

The group says they want to keep their money local, but the current price difference is making it hard to achieve.

The group mission is “to get the local gas stations to keep their prices in line with surrounding counties, namely Bowling Green/Warren County.”

The following information was released from the group:

“We have tried unsuccessfully to contact local politicians, our local Chamber, and other dignitaries of our community to find out why Bowling Green has been up to 60 cents lower than Glasgow.

Most of the responses are: Our office has no control of gas prices, there is nothing we can do, there is a monopoly in Glasgow and they set the prices, this is not price gouging – it is free enterprise, or they either have “no comment” and turn the other cheek.

As citizens of our great community we are taking a stand. We have started a grass roots movement to BOYCOTT Glasgow Gas Stations as much as possible until this issue is resolved.

We are not going to just roll over and say, there’s nothing we can do about it. Bowling Green is just 30 miles away, and yes, while it is impossible to avoid ever getting gas in Glasgow we choose to go down the road to FILL UP – and while there we will likely go out to eat, buy our groceries and shop.

Sadly, many have already been doing just that. This will, if it hasn’t already, hurt ALL business in Glasgow. Personally, I have been an advocate of the “BUY LOCAL” movement and shamefully have had to recant that statement …. But in the face of our local politicians and chamber not trying to stand against these higher prices, I have no choice.

We would have rather, someone in the community with political pull and knowledge of the root of the gas gouging, to have taken a stand and help us, but as it is … this BOCOTT is our only solution to this growing problem.

In closing, we hope that no ill will is taken to any one company, industry, chamber or politician … WE are not here to bash anyone, just WANT FAIR GAS PRICES and for people of authority to take a stand WITH US, FOR US! If in fact, you really want to keep local money locally, you will. Bowling Green already sees too much of Glasgow’s money with liquor sales, better eating and shopping venues … this will only further that void.




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