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Test Drive College Online

Test Drive College Online is an innovative program providing students with the opportunity to discover if online learning is right for them by taking a college course online at no cost or obligation. With this program, students can save up to $2,000 in tuition costs by earning credits toward a full degree.

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  1. I tried test drive college online. I loved the instructor and the communication that was available. The thing that sucks, is you can only transfer your credits earned to one of their partner schools They fail to mention most of their partner schools tuition is extremely high. I was refered to a university that offered online courses for 1,800. I eventually enrolled in a University that is not associated with Test Drive college with a tuition fee of $700 per course. So, I learned a lesson and will think twice befor I commit myself to an online college that does not transfer credits to all other universities, only to their friends.


    • Thank you so much for pointing that out. I had registered to start a “free class online” but wasn’t able to complete due to personal problems. It would be ok for someone like me who wasn’t looking for a “degree”, just a little extra knowledge, lol. But if you are wanting to accomplish a “college education online” it would seem one should look elsewhere per your response. Again, thank you for posting that information!


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