Ky. man plants marijuana in front yard

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Police have arrested an eastern Kentucky man who they say had almost 100 marijuana plants growing in his front yard.

Knox County Sheriff’s Deputy Brian Hensley told WYMT-TV ( that he observed the plants after responding to a complaint from an anonymous caller.

Hensley said when he asked 42-year-old James Denver Cox of Flat Lick whether he had any more plants, the man pointed out some drying on top of a TV and some under an entertainment center. In all, Hensley said he confiscated 92 plants.

Cox declined to speak with the station and it was unclear whether he had an attorney.

He faces a felony charge of cultivating marijuana.


Information from: WYMT-TV,


One thought on “Ky. man plants marijuana in front yard

  1. This abuse by law inforcement is unaccaptable, who was he hurting no one. I wonder if we ,who support reform, start doing as Mr. Cox if the fat cats who ruin our lifes would see we are just common folk trying to help our fellow man and economy. Absolute power corrupts absolute, if our government fails to hear us it isn’t our fault it is because big money filling their ears as well as their pockets.


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