U.S. Marijuana Party Kentucky

Retire, Mitch
It’s no surprise that the shameless hypocrisy and lies of Republicans know no bounds. But there are times when they shock even the most jaded critic with the outrageous whoppers they tell. Consider the flat imbecility of Mitch McConnell’s recent response to a constituent’s letter urging him to legalize medical cannabis: “The detrimental effects of drugs have been well documented: short-term memory loss, loss of core motor functions, heightened risk of lung disease, and even death.”

NORML has posted a $10 million reward to anyone who can show one death from an overdose of THC. Nobody has collected it and never will. He goes on: “Second, I am troubled by the manner in which many of the legalization proposals make marijuana available to the public without following the scientific processes of the FDA.”

If McConnell was an honest man, he would have said something like, “In the past…

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