>My Philosophical Rights!

2:31 PM 8/31/2009

I can never remember the details. The “detail” section of my brain just does not work very well. Only the most important of important things will I remember the
details for such as my kids birth dates, my anniversary, (even though my spouse does not!) etc.,

It does not matter though, because I can remember where to find the information that I want or need, when I need it!

At the same time, the “philosophical” portion of my brain tends to work overtime.
I spend most of my waking day on the internet, scanning for more and more information for which I know I will not remember the “details” of. Scanning the internet for anything or everything from conspiracy to political, socio-economics, health-care and the conspiracy thereof, cannabis related medical
issues and the conspiracy thereof, then back to the daily news and beyond.

I never had the opportunity to go to college, and I received my education in “Little’s” such as our former President Abraham Lincoln, who, incidentally, was also
from Kentucky. So was Jesse James.

I read, and read and read some more and then ask “Why?” or “Why Not?”, and then I search for more.

I believe as George Carlin did when he said that “children should be taught to question”. Question everything. Nothing should be taken for granted nor at face

When my Father died he passed on to me a lifetime in this world full of wisdom and a lot more questions yet to be answered.

He had survived WWII, been all over the world, and then came home to my Mother and I and cared for us for forty years before his death. He made his living
working in a tobacco factory. I have been a tobacco addict since I was 15 years old. Quite ironic. The very institution that supported the family for well over
twenty years also caused it’s demise.

I have lived in a state of “Knowledge” since about the age of six. In the medical field they call it Clinical Depression. I now choose to call it Obsessive Compulsive Knowledge Disorder. The need to know more than what the average person cares to. I do care. I care about everything and everyone.

For this reason I have approximately ten blogs and numerous social networking sites, trying to get the information out to those who might not otherwise notice
it. If I can just get the attention of a minute number of people, as they happen upon a piece of information that I have posted, and it causes them to “question”

something, I feel I have done my job.

Before my blogging days, I had been researching medical cannabis on the internet and met someone who talked to me and gave me the initiative that I needed to

get started. I was offered a chance to be a contributor for Treating Yourself Magazine for which I wrote “Opinion’s” in a number of issues.

That was all the inspiration I needed (along with the memories of my Father) to learn to utilize the information systems available to the best of my knowledge and
try to get people to notice what was really going on in our society.

I have had the pleasure of meeting a lot of differing people, all of which have their own opinions. But “My” opinion is always the best!

I tend to be somewhat sarcastic with my opinions. Some people like it and some do not, but whatever the reaction I feel I have made them “think” about
the issue at hand.

It does not matter whether or not they agree with me. Only that they took the time to “think” about it!

That is my “mission” in life. To make people think, and sometimes react, to what I consider to be important issues of our lifetimes.

So whether you like it or not, I will continue to speak my mind, just as my Father would have wanted me to do, and pray to the Lord that
someone really gives a damn about what I say!

SMKrider: In My Opinion

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