> The Riverbend Winery at 120 South 10th Street, Louisville, was the Host for Gatewood Galbraith and Dea Riley when they gathered together on 8.27.2009 for the first time in this city to discuss the upcoming Governor’s election in 2011. Approximately 20-25 people showed up for the meeting and all were enthusiastic about the new adventure. In attendance were; Gatewood and Dea, of course. Along with them were Matthew Thomas Long, Finance Director, Kevin Sornson, IT Director, Craig Lee, Field Director, and Joe Johnson who was our Host at the Riverbend Winery. Weekly meetings were discussed as well as campaign finance issues and other concerns. Both Gatewood and Dea spoke about their hopes for the campaign and our future. The future of Kentucky at large. Both are very energetic towards the long road ahead of them and the chance to prove that they are the best qualified and most caring candidates for the State of Kentucky. We are anticipating and planning for numerous meet-ups throughout the city in order to greet as many people as possible and let them know that GATEWOOD GALBRAITH and DEA RILEY are in it to win it! The time has come for the state of Kentucky to stand up for real change in the “Bluegrass State”. Now is the time… FOR GATEWOOD GALBRAITH! http://www.gatewood.com


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